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Compensating Crime Victims: A summary of policies and practices
Parent, Dale & Auerbach, Barbara. "Compensating Crime Victims: A summary of policies and practices." U.S. Department of Justice pp. 56. 1992. [Paper/Booklet] [414.par]
Abstract:Overview of crime victim compensation programs.

Jeopardy in the Courtroom
Ceci, Stephen & Bruck, Maggie. "Jeopardy in the Courtroom." In: A Scientific Analysis of Children`s Testimony. American Psychological Association pp. 336. 1995. [Book] [412.cec]
Abstract:Research into child abuse cases across history to see how children are used in the courtroom.

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
Kalichman, Seth. "Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse." In: Ethics, Law and Policy. American Psychological Association pp. 245. 1993. [Book] [402.kal]
Abstract:A sourcebook on mandated reporting.

Mothers on Trial
Chesler, Phyllis. "Mothers on Trial." In: The Battle for Children and Custody. The Seal Press pp. 558. 1987. [Book] [400.che]
Abstract:Portraits of the psychological and economic consequences for women and children that are separated in custody battles.

National Survey of Victim-Offender Mediation Programs in the United States
, . "National Survey of Victim-Offender Mediation Programs in the United States." Office for Victims of Crime pp. 25. 2000. [Document] [400.ovc]
Abstract:Research findings from study. Touches on wide variety of areas.

Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation`s Youth
Finkelhor, David & Mitchell, Kimberly. "Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation`s Youth." Crimes Against Children Research Center pp. 53. 2000. [Document] [411.fin]
Abstract:Study on children and the use of the Internet by predators stalking them.

Promising Practices
, . "Promising Practices." In: Improving the Criminal Justice System`s Response to Violence Against Women. Stop Violence Against Women Grants Technical Assistance Proj pp. 500. 1995. [Document] [409.sva]
Abstract:Designed to help programs with specific problems and develop plans to combat the problems.

Rape and Its Victims
, . "Rape and Its Victims." In: A Report for Citizens, Health Facilities, And Criminal Justice Agencies. U.S. Department of Justice pp. 362. 1975. [Book] [401.doj]
Abstract:Comprehensive report done in 1975 on rape, crisis centers and victims.

Rape Study Committee
, . "Rape Study Committee." In: Report to the House of Representatives and the 82nd General Assembly of the state of Illinois. State of Illinois pp. 202. 1982. [Book] [401.rsc]
Abstract:Study of Illinois sexual assault laws from 1982. Library also includes report from 1980.

The Role of Real Rape and Real Victim Stereotypes in the Police Reporting Practices of SA women
Du Mont, Janice & Lee-Miller, Karen. "The Role of Real Rape and Real Victim Stereotypes in the Police Reporting Practices of SA women." Violence Against Women pp. 20. 2003. [Journal Article] [404.dum]
Abstract:Sample of 186 sexual assault cases seen at a hospital and their experiences in reporting to police.

Trends and Issues 1997
, ICJIA. "Trends and Issues 1997." In: ICJIA publication. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority pp. 232. 1998. [Magazine] [101.icj]
Abstract:Statistics and information collected by the ICJIA.

Unequal Justice
Gray, Ellen. "Unequal Justice." In: The prosecution of child sexual abuse. The Free Press pp. 256. 1993. [Book] [405.gra]
Abstract:Results from national study on sexual abuse and how children are treated in the courts.

Unwanted Sex
Schulhofer, Stephen. "Unwanted Sex." In: The Culture of Intimidation and the Failure of Law. Harvard University Press pp. 318. 1998. [Book] [402.sch]
Abstract:Discusses the need to refocus laws against rape and sexual harassment.

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