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Approaching Law Enforcement with Undocumented Sexual Assault Survivors

Below are several documents that are intended to provide information for rape victim advocates and others who want to help undocumented sexual assault survivors work with law enforcement to prosecute their cases.

ICE Memo: Priorities for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Aliens
ICE prioritizes removal of illegal aliens who are criminals or pose a threat to national security.

Immigration Basics (National Immigration Forum)
The National Immigration Forum provides a 19-page summary of immigration law in plain English.

Know Your Rights: Learn How to Protect You and Your Family During Immigration Raids
This booklet provides tips for clients who may face deportation and includes a card to carry in case of immigration raids.

KYR When Encountering Law Enforcement
This ACLU booklet addresses the rights citizens and non-citizens have when stopped, questioned, arrested, or searched by law enforcement officers. Extra information for non-citizens is on pages 11-15.

ICE Memo: Prosecutorial Discretion: Certain Victims, Witnesses, and Plaintiffs
It is against ICE policy to initiate removal proceedings against an individual known to be the immediate victim or witness to a crime.

National Immigrant Justice Center Information (legal immigration services)
This handout provides information about the National Immigrant Justice Center's comprehensive legal consulation services.

Police Chiefs' Guide to Immigration
This Project Response document provides police chiefs with an overview of the issues
surrounding immigration enforcement. See pages 28-30 regarding victims of crime.

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