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2012 State Legislation
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2012 ICASA Legislative Update PowerPoint
2012 ICASA Legislative Update - Word Version


Information and resources on pending legislation that ICASA is supporting in the session are listed below.

SB 3348: Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax

HB 1645, Amendment 3 creates the Sexual Assault Services and Prevention Fund. Strip clubs that permit alcohol would choose to pay a $3-per-patron surcharge or a flat fee to fund rape crisis services.

Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax Bill
Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax Fact Sheet
Chicago Tribune story on proposed strip club tax
ICASA press release 5-31

HJRCA 29: Marsy's Law: Constitutional Amendment - Crime Victim Rights

HJRCA 29 creates an enforcement mechanism for the rights that crime victims have under the Illinois laws and Constitution and strengthens existing crime victim rights in the Illinois Constitution.

ICASA Press Release on Defeat of Marsy's Law in Illinois legislature 5-3-12
HJRCA 29 Bill
Marsy's Law Fact Sheet

HB 5278: Improves Illinois' Anti-Trafficking Laws

HB 5278 improves prosecutors’ ability to use Illinois' anti-trafficking laws and helps ensure that more resources go to support services for survivors.

HB 5278

HB 5628: Ensuring Success in School Task Force Recommendations

HB 5628

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ICASA member rape crisis centers are located across Illinois and provide services to approximately 98% of the state's population.

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