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Stalking No Contact Order Act
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The Stalking No Contact Order is a civil "stay away" order for victims of stalking who do not have a relationship with the offender. Under an SNCO, the court orders the offender not to have any contact with the victim.

Forms necessary to obtain a Stalking No Contact Order are below. These forms apply in every Illinois county except for Cook County. For copies of forms to obtain a Stalking No Contact Order in Cook County, contact Kathleen Monahan in the Office of the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk at 312-325-9467. Victims of stalking may be able to get help filing a petition from a rape crisis center, domestic violence program, victim witness coordinator or clerk of court.

The Law

Stalking No Contact Order Act


SNCO Petition

SNCO Summons

SNCO Order

SNCO Motion to Extend or Modify

SNCO Order to Extend or Modify

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