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08-30-18 VERA - Working with People with Disabilities

05-02-18 - Trauma-Informed Care ... in a health-care setting
Presented by Ginnie Fraser of Thresholds

08-9-17 Products and More Products - Illinois Imagines Chicago - What has worked

Presentation by the Chicago Illinois Imagines team about recent products it has developed including videos and brochures.

05-31-17 Universal Design_ It_s More Than Large Print and Accessible Restrooms
Presented by Krescene Beck

03-01-17 The Intersection Between People with Disabilities and Human Trafficking

3-1-17 Trafficking of People with Disabilities
Powerpoint of webinar presentation.

11-16-16 Assistive Technology and Why It's Important
Presented by Suzy Woods.

10-19-16 - Supporting Deaf Survivors

08-17-16 Mental Health First Aid
Presentation by Aimee Anderson.

07-20-16 -- Understanding and applying the recovery model
Presented by Tom Troe.

06-15-16 -- Brief History of the Disability Rights Movement

05-18-16 Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
Presentation by Tom Troe and Cindy Mayhew.

4-25-16 I am Able - Using the Who, What, When, Where Symbol Book
Presented by Shirley Paceley and Krescene Beck on how to utilize the recently released Symbol Book.

4-20-16 Overview of the Mental Health System in Illinois
Presented by Lee Ann Reinert and Jessena Williams of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

3-23-16 The Benefits of Self-Advocate Inclusion
Discussion with self-advocates Alice Kieft, Marge Parker and Mary Hettel on the importance of having self-advocates as part of the collaborative team.

02-17-16 - Illinois Imagines: 10 years and beyond
Presented by Illinois Imagines project director Teresa Tudor. A look back at Illinois Imagines 10 years after it began and a look ahead and what the next two years bring.

11-10-15 Self-Care
Presented by Mary Ratliff, Program Director, Illinois Family Violence Coordination Council.

10-21-15 Trauma & Power Aware Interactions Webinar
Presented by Mark Sweet, PhD.

09-22-15 What Happens When You Call a Rape Crisis Center

8-19-15 Two Voices, One Movement
Presented by Cathy Saunders and Lisa Cesal

6-09-15 - Nothing About Us Without Us - A Self-Advocates Journey

5-20-15 McLean County Chapter: Past, Present, Future Webinar
Presented by Darci Thompson, Illinois Imagines Prevention Educator

4-15-15 - Recovery from Trauma - Healing and Happiness
Part 2 of the webinar series on trauma conducted by Karyn Harvey.

3-18-15 - Effects of Trauma on People with Intellectual Disabilities
Presentation by Karyn Harvey. Part 1 of 2.

2-18-15 - Guide to Starting Empowerment Groups
Presentation on utilizing the Guide to Starting Empowerment Groups module. Presented by Jen Knapp and Carol Corgan.

10-15-14 - From Obstacles to Opportunities _ A Guide for Parents and Guardians
Presentation by Shirley Paceley and Suzy Woods.

9-17-14 - Picture Supplement Guide
Presentation by Megan Blomquist, Krescene Beck and Mary Hettel on utilizing the Picture Supplement Guide featured in the toolkit.

8-20-14 - PDF of Powerpoint presentation

7-6-14 Illinois Imagines Collaboration in Action - PowerPoint presentation

8-20-14 - Prevention Education
Presentation by Rachel Boudreau and Patty Morgan of the North Central Illinois Imagines team on how to utilize the prevention education sessions in the toolkit.

Illinois Imainges: Collaboration in Action -- 7-16-14
Webinar presented by Illinois Imagines Project Director Teresa Tudor.

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